What feminism has come to

What feminism has come to

When Susan Patton wrote a letter to The Daily Princetonian last week, she probably had no concept of the controversy it would create. What she later described as merely “some good advice from a Jewish mother” has earned her the scorn of feminists everywhere.

Why? Because in 2013, you’re not supposed to talk to modern young women at an elite liberal university about the value of getting married.

Patton, a pioneering Princeton Class of ’77 grad herself, with two Princeton sons, advised the women of her alma mater to make the most of their opportunities there — and find a good Princeton young man to marry.

“Take a good look on campus now for a potential life partner,” she told CNN after her letter sparked outrage from self-appointed gender experts who cringed at the perceived elitism and provincial outlook in Patton’s kindly advice. “You have access to this extraordinary community of extraordinary people. Find a man who isn’t threatened by your capacity for greatness.”

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