TSA manager fired for negligence is rehired. Again.

TSA manager fired for negligence is rehired. Again.

Remember a few years ago when TSA officials moved to unionize their workers, and then weexpressed concerns to the effect that unions might protect deadbeat screeners, then TSA said of coursethat wouldn’t be allowed to happen, then we debunked their logic, then TSA unionized anyway? And then remember that other time a little later, when 36 TSA workers got fired from Honolulu International Airport because they failed to scan bags for explosives, and then unions rushed in to protect them?

You’ll be happy to know that one of those employees – a manager named Raymond Ware – was reinstated after a lengthy challenge. He’s getting his job back plus back pay.

Now technically we don’t know if the union had anything to do with the rehiring. It could be that TSA is just really bad at hiring and firing pepole in general, and this guy specifically. There does seem to be some evidence for that theory. This is actually the second time Ware has been reinstated by TSA after a (we suppose, definitionally) wrongful termination. The first time happened in 2003, well before unionization. Ware sued over being fired and in 2008 a judge ordered TSA to rehire him. All together he’s approaching almost a million dollars in back pay for the times when he wasn’t working but legally should have been.

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