Study: Obamacare to raise individual claim costs by 32%

Study: Obamacare to raise individual claim costs by 32%

Don’t judge a book by its title, the saying goes. Perhaps the same adage should be applied to federal legislation.

Under the Affordable Care Act, medical claim costs, the largest driver of health insurance premiums, are expected to increase by 32 percent for individuals, a new study by the Society of Actuaries finds.

Though some states might see declines in cost-per-person medical claims, the report found “the overwhelming majority will see double-digit increases in their individual health insurance markets, where people purchase coverage directly from insurers,” The Associated Press reports.

The disparity of the increase between states is stark.

California’s claim costs are estimated to increase by 62 percent by 2017. In Ohio, it’s expected to be 80 percent. Florida costs are expected to grow 20 percent and in Maryland, 67 percent. The higher claim costs are related to the increase in sick people expected to join the pool, according to the report.

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