Should Congress be allowed to telecommute?

Should Congress be allowed to telecommute?

For the second time, a member of Congress is proposing rule changes that would let lawmakers telecommute to Washington and pass laws without meeting face to face. But is that in the best interests of voters?

The idea of a “virtual Congress” isn’t new and isn’t likely to get a lot of support in the current Congress, but it does raise some interesting issues.

New Mexico Representative Steve Pearce introduced the idea back in November 2010. His latest resolution argues that that a remote Congress is better for citizens, because it puts elected representatives closer to constituents.

Pearce’s resolution “directs the Committee on House Administration to establish procedures and rules for the consideration of legislation by Members of Congress in a virtual setting.”

In short, the House of Representatives would be able to teleconference and video conference and “implement hearings, conduct debate, meet, and vote” under Pearce’s plan.

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