Grief-stricken libs mourn Hugo Chavez

Grief-stricken libs mourn Hugo Chavez

If you’re a leftist pausing to honor your memory of Hugo Chavez, maybe you forgot this peace-loving “man of the people” came to power after two military coups that left over 300 people dead. He changed the constitution, eliminating the senate and extending his term. There was revolt.

The military reinstated him amid striking oil workers, political parties, unions and businesses in protest.

Chavez then fired 18,000 workers and began his control of labor unions. While some swoon at a sea of red shirts in Plaza Bolivar chanting obedience, others recoil at total control of the unions. Only “Chavez-approved” candidates can run for elected union leadership positions. Imagine SEIU being required to have candidates approved by President George Bush. Want to refuse? Join other refuseniks in prison. That’s Chavez’s Venezuela.

Let’s praise Chavez for implementing a broadcasting statute that allowed him to shut down dozens of politically critical radio stations.

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