Frum: Why you shouldn’t #StandWithRand

Frum: Why you shouldn’t #StandWithRand

Rand Paul scored a big win yesterday, but not against President Obama.

Yesterday’s losers included Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Marco Rubio – and all the other Republican senators Paul bent to his will.

Paul’s filibuster ostensibly dealt only with a very remote hypothetical contingency: targeted killings on American soil of Americans who present no imminent threat to national security. Paul insisted that all the harder questions be taken off the table. He had (he said) no issue with a targeted killing on American soil of an American who didpresent an imminent threat. He avoided the issue of the targeted killings of Americans outside the United States – i.e., the actual real-world problem at hand.

Instead, Paul invoked a nightmare out of a dystopian future: an evil future president shooting a missile at an American having coffee in a neighborhood cafe, merely on suspicion, without any due process of law.

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