A new museum devoted to … math?

A new museum devoted to … math?

Math. The very word conjures painful memories: long division … Square roots … The quadratic equation.

Not only do most of us not like it; we’re also not very good at it.

In an international test of 15-year-olds, the U.S. placed 24th out of 64 countries.

“We don’t currently, in this country, have a cultural expectation that yeah, you’re going to learn math just like you’re going to learn reading,” said Glen Whitney. “It’s okay to not be good at math.”

Glen Whitney is good at math.

He’s got a Ph.D in it, and is trying to change the way we think about one of our least favorite subjects.

“I loved math. I loved algebra. I really loved geometry, [but] I hit the wall at pre-cal,” said Rocca.

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