First passenger on cruise from hell sues Carnival

First passenger on cruise from hell sues Carnival

Carnival Corp has been hit with its first lawsuit over the ‘horrifying’ conditions passengers were forced to endure when the Triumph cruise became stranded following an engine fire.

Cassie Terry of Brazoria County, Texas filed the suit less than 24 hours after arriving on dry land in Mobile, Alabama, alleging that she was forced to wade through human feces from overflowing toilets.

Her suit also claimed Carnival failed to provide a seaworthy vessel and sanitary conditions.

She suffered physical and emotional harm, including anxiety, nervousness and the loss of the enjoyment of life, according to the complaint filed in federal court in Miami.

Whether lawsuits will be successful has been doubted by legal analysts, who have speculated passengers will find it difficult to sue Carnival for any damages thanks to a legal structure shielding operators from big-money lawsuits.

Many will have unknowingly signed Carnival’s contracts prohibiting them from class action lawsuits, while the small print also bans them suing on the grounds of emotional distress, lawyers explained.

It comes as the company offered each customer a compensation package and issued an apology on Thursday – which many disgruntled passengers deemed too flimsy and too late.

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