Cancer-detecting bra silver bullet for women?

Cancer-detecting bra silver bullet for women?

A new screening device is about to hit the market, and it may be able to detect breast cancer earlier and more easily.

As CBS 2’s Kristine Johnson reported Wednesday, it is a cancer-detecting bra, and new technology that can help save women’s lives.

Twenty years ago, Nedra Lindsay agreed to be part of a medical trial.

“They needed us to wear this up-and-coming device that was going to be used to detect breast cancer,” Lindsay said.

She was 25 at the time, and didn’t think much about the gadget made up of sensors and a small data pack that would monitor some internal functions.

“I never thought it would be any use to me because I was so young,” she said.

But Lindsay said her participation in that trial saved her life.

“The device showed proof positive that I had breast cancer,” she said.

Lindsay ultimately had a mastectomy and, today, she is cancer free.

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