Breaking: Suicide bombing at U.S. Embassy in Turkey; 2 dead

Breaking: Suicide bombing at U.S. Embassy in Turkey; 2 dead

A suicide bomber attacked the U.S. Embassy in the Turkish capital of Ankara, killing one Turkish security guard along with the bomber, Ankara Govenor Aladdin Yuksel told Turkish news media.

The explosion went off at the entrance used by embassy personnel and their visitors, after a lone suicide bomber passed through the X-ray machine, Turkish news media reported.

News reports said that there is no damage inside the embassy and that all personnel have been moved to safe rooms inside the building. Turkish television footage showed a door blown out and pieces of the wall around it scattered in front of the entrance.

The Turkish daily newspaper Sabah posted a shaky video that was taken at the scene shortly before the area was closed off, showing Turkish police officials angrily asking that filming be stopped. Police said they suspected a second bomb, which is why they blocked off the area.

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