5-year-old blinded by sunlight due to rare condition

5-year-old blinded by sunlight due to rare condition

A five-year-old boy is fighting for his sight because of a rare condition that leaves him blinded by sunlight.

Leo Hake suffers excruciating pain if he does not wear prescription sunglasses that shade his eyes from too much brightness.

He has Joubert syndrome, a genetic condition that means his cerebellum — the part of the brain that controls balance and coordination — is underdeveloped.

It also means he has problems with movement and kidney cysts that will eventually lead to kidney failure.

With the shades, Leo can see just a metre in front of him — but mum Hannah says this is more than she could have hoped for.

The 27-year-old said: “When he was five weeks old, I realised that when I spoke to him he would smile but in the wrong direction.

“I took him to the doctors because I knew something was wrong, but they kept telling me he was fine and they couldn’t tell whether he could see or not.

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