MSM liked how Hillary handled herself on Hill

MSM liked how Hillary handled herself on Hill

Via the Media Research Center, I hope we can all agree that the proper way to cover a high government official dodging questions about a catastrophic security failure on her watch that led to a U.S. ambassador being murdered is by focusing on her polling and recovery from a blood clot. Turns out the story of yesterday’s testimony wasn’t Hillary’s outrageous evasiveness about Benghazi, it was her personal triumph in showing up at the hearing after being sick and concluding a glorious reign at State that accomplished nothing in particular by enduring six hours of questions from angry Republican cavemen. And the networks, compared to cable, were admirably restrained: MSNBC has been in full fainting swoon for at least 18 hours while Piers Morgan, ever eager to accuse his opponents of having nefarious motives, used last night’s show to fart out a theory of how misogyny might be behind it all. Our media is indescribably terrible and, as with our government, we probably deserve it.

Anyone want to offer a candidate for most slobbering print coverage of Hillary’s testimony? I’ll nominate WaPo. They started out strong yesterday with Erik Wemple’s piece exploding Hillary’s “what difference does it make?” dodge, but it’s been all downhill from there. A smattering of op-ed headlines since this morning: “Good for Hillary,” “In her Capitol Hill swan song, Hillary Clinton shines,” and“Hillary Clinton’s Capitol Hill tour de force,” in which Chris Cillizza lets it all hang out:

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