Crush on Obama: CNN staffer wrote BHO daily for 4 years

Crush on Obama: CNN staffer wrote BHO daily for 4 years

Most people would cut a 13-year-old girl some slack if she became obsessed enough with Justin Bieber to write the teen singer emails and letters all the time, but what if an ostensibly professional journalist were to do the same to a politician?

This odd scenario actually is not a hypothetical, however. A CNN correspondent named Tom Foreman has been doing just that, writing a letter every single day to President Obama for the past four years.

Even more disturbing is that Foreman has been publishing his daily missives on the CNN website where he does not really explain why on earth he ever did such a strange, stalkerish thing. He does reveal that his beloved Barack never once wrote back or gave him a call, yet another parallel to a teenage Bieber obsessive.

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