Life imitates art: Real snake on real plane

Life imitates art: Real snake on real plane

Where’s Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?

A 9-foot python hitched a ride on the wing of a Qantas plane bound for Papua New Guinea, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Passengers on board noticed the snake tucked into the wing of the plane. As the plane soared higher into windier and colder weather, the snake struggled against the elements.

“I felt quite sad for it, really,” said one passenger. “For the remainder of the flight, he was trying to pull himself back into the plane, even though he was fighting against 400km/h winds. The cabin crew told us that at cruising altitude, it was minus 12 degrees outside — but not even that was able to finish him.”

University of Sydney snake expert Rick Shine reportedly identified the reptile as a scrub python, the longest snake in Australia.

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