Another country heard from: U.S. should merge with Canada

Another country heard from: U.S. should merge with Canada

As an American living in Canada, I cannot help but view the current machinations of Congress with alarm. Yes, they have enacted a last-minute, stop-gap measure to avoid the worst aspects of the so-called Fiscal Cliff. But commentators all agree on one point — averting the cliff on January 1st changed little. The wrangling will continue ad-nauseam, far into the future. The ideological split between parties — and between Red and Blue states — is so deep and intractable that no one can conceive of a way out. This is not just an American problem — the collateral damage spreads quickly to Canada and beyond. So what to do?

When I worked at IBM and when things seemed stuck… we reorganized! Sometimes the realignment was around products or lines of business; at other times it was geographic, rearranging and reassigning responsibility for countries or whole continents. And it seemed to work like a charm. Most everybody got fancy new titles (and got to run away from their previous unit’s targets, plans and results.) Why can’t North America do the same?

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