Obama to cut vacation short for fiscal cliff talks

Obama to cut vacation short for fiscal cliff talks

Can Washington come together to avoid the fiscal cliff before the clock runs out in six days?  Barack Obama will cut his Christmas vacation short, returning tomorrow to Washington from Hawaii in order to seek a deal…

Reuters misses the fact that Democrats could have had that last week.  John Boehner’s Plan B proposal did just that, providing permanent rate extensions for everyone earning under a million dollars a year.  That concept came originally from Democrats and Nancy Pelosi, just a few months ago.  Boehner pulled it because he couldn’t get enough votes out of his own caucus to pass it, but had Democrats voted for it, they would have had exactly what Reuters describes, plus a new AMT patch on top of it, with spending cuts addressed separately.

Instead, Pelosi let Boehner twist in the wind, telling reporters that time had somehow expired on a proposal she originated.  Pelosi and her caucus were more invested in making Boehner look bad than in protecting taxpayers from the fiscal cliff, and the US economy from recession.

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