Worst school massacre In U.S history was ‘gun-free’

Worst school massacre In U.S history was ‘gun-free’

The worst mass-murder in a school in American history did not involve guns or shooters; it involved a bomb in an elementary school.

It didn’t take place in Connecticut; it took place in a rural community in Michigan called Bath.

The perpetrator wasn’t a young man – he was 55 years old.

And the attack did not occur this year or last year – or even this decade.

The year was 1927.

In an unspeakably horrible crime, Andrew Kehoe killed his wife and family, set his farm on fire – and then set off 500 pounds of explosives in one wing of an elementary school.

The blast killed 38 children aged 7 to 14, two teachers and four others — and the bomber himself.

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