Gun control? Yes, but that’s just for starters

Gun control? Yes, but that’s just for starters

TV seems to throw a big story like this Newtown school shooting in the blender, so that what comes out is indistinguishable from the last horror, or the one before that, and the result weirdly numbing. When we read the smaller details, though — about the kid who said he wasn’t going to have anybody to play with now that his sister had died, or the boy who said he knew karate and could save the others — we feel the enormity of what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary, and cry that we won’t stand for it.

Only, then what? Gun control, God yes, must be part of the answer; how could we be the finest country ever to exist — just ask us — and yet ignore the need for stronger regulation even after a kindergarten massacre?

Community mental health care has been all but non-existent for decades, so anything we could do on that front would be an improvement, too. Continue reading at WaPo.


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