White professor sparks Twitter storm with Christmas call for ‘white genocide’

White professor sparks Twitter storm with Christmas call for ‘white genocide’

Depending on who you ask, George Ciccariello-Maher is either a radical, self-hating member of the alt-left, or a master troll. Either way, the Drexel University professor has drawn some strong reactions to his holiday Twitter messages on Sunday.

The post that started it all, which has since been deleted, said, “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide.” You can imagine where things went from there.

Much of the responses aren’t fit for print….

Ciccariello-Maher, who has a pinned tweet saying, “Sorry, I’m not ‘alt-left,’ just an actual communist,” kept it going for a while, subtly acknowledging his troll job.

One Twitter user was in on the joke, appreciating the professor’s particular brand of commentary, and Ciccariello-Maher appreciated the endorsement.

Finally, Ciccariello-Maher clarified his meaning, implying that he was teasing white supremacists who supposedly worry about a white genocide actually occurring.

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