California social workers charged in torture death of 8-year-old boy

California social workers charged in torture death of 8-year-old boy
(Image: Screen grab of KTLA 5 video)

Gabriel died on May 24, 2013, after being doused in pepper spray, forced to eat cat feces and his own vomit, and locked in a cabinet with a sock stuffed in his mouth, according to court records obtained by the Los Angeles Times.

He sustained multiple injuries, including a fractured skull, broken ribs and burns over his body, the release stated. Court records indicated that BB pellets were found embedded in his lung and groin.

“It was just like every inch of this child had been abused,” L.A. County Fire Department paramedic James Cermak said when he testified in court, according to the Times.

The abuse didn’t begin until Gabriel move back with his mother, Pearl Fernandez, relatives and a friend of the family said at an early afternoon news conference. …

“As soon as Pearl got him, that’s basically when she started torturing him,” said Amanda Nevarez, who co-founded the Facebook page Gabriel’s Justice with the boy’s cousin, Emily Carranza.

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