Obama’s told-you-so moment

Obama’s told-you-so moment

President Barack Obama didn’t leave much wiggle room — not for himself, and not for his critics.

Getting a deal on Iran’s nuclear program is more than a win for 2015, or a legacy achievement for the fourth quarter of his presidency. It’s a validation of Obama’s whole foreign policy philosophy — a theory of the world today, and America’s role in it, that he’s been mocked for since he was that first-term senator running for president, insisting that he’d already figured out a better way.

The Iran negotiations have “succeeded exactly as intended,” Obama said at the White House as soon as the broad terms were released. “It is a good deal.”

That is, if he actually gets a deal by June 30 — the deadline for all of the technical details to be finished off.

And if he can convince Congress that it’s not just a license for Tehran to build a bomb while no one’s looking.

And if the Iranians stick to the deal.

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