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Secret Service requests software to track social media trends, detect sarcasm


[Ed. – Sarcasm? Have they considered starting with Obama?]

he U.S. Secret Service is seeking software that can identify top influencers and trending sets of social media data, allowing the agency to monitor these streams in real-time – and sift through the sarcasm.

A work order posted online Monday shows that the agency desires analytics software that can watch users in real time, collecting a range of data including “emotions of Internet users to old Twitter messages” across multiple languages.

The Secret Service is also seeking software that can complete very succinct tasks within massive sets of continuously flowing social media data, such as locating users and detecting sarcasm.

“Ability to detect sarcasm and false positives,” reads the request.

“The Secret Service has had a Twitter account for several years. We are trying to procure a tool that can automate the social media monitoring process; synthesizing large sets of social media data,” spokesman Brian Leary told CBS News.

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  • Xavier

    “That post didn’t trip SnarkAlert™, so you’re under arrest.”

    • Howard Portnoy

      Think of it as Disqus on steroids.

      • Xavier

        That bit about “Influencer Identification” troubles me. And although it seems to be written with Twitter and Facebook, I wonder if blogs qualify as social media in the eyes of DHS?

        Given the liberal’s penchant for changing the meaning of words, “social media” probably means “human existence”.