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Allen West: Obama guilty of ‘aiding and abetting the enemy’



Former Congressman Allen West indicated Tuesday morning that with the recent prisoner exchange of one alleged deserter for five top Taliban terrorists, the time had come to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Barack Obama.

West made his assessment during a telephone interview with Brian Wilson and Larry O’Connor, hosts of the “Mornings on the Mall” radio program, on Washington, D.C.’s WMAL.

West, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel who saw action in Iraq, first addressed the circumstances surrounding Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

He couldn’t recall a single instance where enemy combatants captured and held an American POW for any significant length of time; they were typically shot in the back of the head, or ritually beheaded and gutted.

“So why did they keep Bowe Bergdahl for five years?” West asked.

He that stated that the prisoner exchange amounted to an impeachable offense.

“I think this is without a doubt aiding and abetting the enemy,” West said, “and it violates the trust of the Congress and represents ‘high crimes and misdemeanors,’” the standard for an impeachable offense.

The interview can be played at Mornings on the Mall 06.03.14. The West interview begins at the 121:00 (m:s) mark.

After the interview, West tweeted:

He reiterated and refined his thoughts at his blog page, where he makes “The case for impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama,” and notes:

Why would the United States acquiesce to the demands of a non-state, non-uniform terrorist organization — the Taliban? The Taliban is our enemy and it is not a nation-state with whom we should enter into negotiations. There are some 141 detainees at GITMO. The five released were senior Taliban officials, basically members of Mullah Omar’s inner circle. If we wanted to release detainees in exchange for Bergdahl, there were many others to choose from. Why these?

The rate of recidivism for GITMO released detainees has gone from 1 in 6 to 1 in 3 — and why would we think a one-year travel ban out of Qatar will be respected, or even make a difference with today’s modern communications technology? Even Obama has now stated they may just return to terrorist activity.

Obama’s breaking of the law in this case presents serious national security concerns — for all Americans. This is aiding and abetting the enemy, which goes along with the collusion of this administration with Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated organizations and supplying weapons and arms to Islamists.

Obama just released the leadership of a terrorist organization, and what did we get in return? A deserter, who by his own self-proclamation harbors anti-American sentiments — which it seems that Susan Rice, our esteemed National Security Advisor, didn’t even realize his heinous actions — or maybe as usual she just lied about it again. Bergdahl served the United States with honor and distinction? Let’s not send Susan Rice out ever again.

To hear Obama state that “no American should be left behind” — has he forgotten about Benghazi and Marine SGT Tahmooressi? How about leaving behind American veterans to die?

Read West’s entire post here.

Michael Dorstewitz is a recovering Michigan trial lawyer and former research vessel deck officer. He has written extensively for BizPac Review.

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  • Sonya Blade

    Honestly? At this point of the “game”.. I TRULY believe Obama could eat a LIVE human baby (perhaps a botched abortion from his most beloved Planned Parenthood)….on air..and lick his fingers..and NO ONE would..or could do a damn thing about it. He’s not TEFLON MAN..he’s BLACK. Case closed.

  • redrover

    It is outrageous that Obama has not been stopped and the fools in WA too! WHEN is someone going to do whatever it takes to get them out…and why is it that the people of this nation are just sitting on their rears and will not shout and demand he is brought up on charges? ALL of the many charges and ways he has turned on the Constitution and all we stand for!?
    WHY are we having to endure all of the mess of Mexicans here anyway and why has the demand for Mexico to take back their people not been shouted loudly?
    Why have the military high command taken the demotions and who have they not stood together and stopped this insanity? We must over through this government and get the real deal in there! Voting is fraudulent…so what are we going to do when they manage to buy their way again and keep telling us what to do with our own money and nation? People it is too late if we wait much more….we have got to make it clear that we mean business and get those that are as mad as we are and get him out of WA! Whatever it takes!……Don’t tell me you have not watched enough tv or been in the service long enough to know what has to be done?? I just do not understand HOW everyone can be so dumb as to let this all happen and just sit there!

    • ken

      Thousands have demonstrated that they know what the Constitution says has to happen. We need millions. Sign the PledgeToImpeach.

  • Old observer

    What more does anyone need to realize that we don’t have a president, we have a dictator in bed with the enemy?

  • ken

    Amazing gift. Dare to Soar purchased and prayer said for Zero and pile.

  • logger1492

    This exchange is just the latest version of ‘fast and furious’.

  • Martin

    Get it done.

  • BoydSharp

    There are three types of turds in the DC swamp these days. Neville Chamberlain types: go along to get along. Oh please like me. Yellow ones afraid of their own shadows. I can’t rock the boat, I might not get re-elected. Or the Benedict Arnold ones. And we best find those and which side they are really on and hit the flush handle.