Dems choosing men over women candidates in party’s own ‘war on women’

Dems choosing men over women candidates in party’s own ‘war on women’

Democrats may claim that the GOP is waging a “war on women,” but in a handful of races across the country, the Democratic Party has gone to great lengths to push women and minority candidates out of races.

In some of those instances, the candidates have even claimed sexism and filed complaints. Here are some examples:

Marisa DeFranco

In Massachusetts, immigration lawyer Marisa DeFranco is claiming sexism after the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a poll of primary voters that did not include her challenge to incumbent Democratic Rep. John Tierney.

“Our campaign is not asking for special treatment, only equal access,” DeFranco said. “We need to show the Democratic Party machine, the DCCC and everyone else that they cannot ignore, dismiss and erase out of the picture women who dare to challenge the status quo.”

That “status quo” DeFranco is referring to may have to do with her stance on Obamacare (she’s against it and prefers a public option), which Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz believes is a winning issue for Democrats in 2014, despite all signs to the contrary.

Lynette Bryant

In the race for Arkansas governor, candidate Lynette Bryant — who holds several degrees, including a medical doctorate — filed a complaint with the NAACP and the Democratic National Committee, alleging unfair treatment by Democrats in her state.

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