Why I hate nudity on television

Why I hate nudity on television

“She would show her bum to a dead bird.” This is how my dad would describe Jayne Mansfield or Brigitte Bardot or any hot chick who demonstrated a willingness to disrobe on camera. If pops were still with us, he would definitely be flinging this phrase at Lena Dunham. And he would be correct: La Dunham would definitely show her bum to a dead bird. And she’s not the only one.

Most of today’s actresses are more than willing to give it a whirl. (Yes, I know they all prefer to be called actors, but I am a feminist so I am going with actresses,blokes included.) This is surprising to me. If I were an actress I would refuse to show my bum. I would stamp my feet and refuse to do it. Why? Because I have a terrible fear of cold drafts.

This terror comes from growing up in the U.K. where unexpected blasts of chilly air terrorize the entire population on a daily basis. Drafts are also a scourge in Brooklyn—the rattletrap old buildings! the shoddy new construction!—which raises the question: Why is Lena Dunham so comfy tearing her clothes off on Girls? Yes, she is a very courageous young lady. Most people think she’s courageous because she is willing to expose her non-Hollywoodorexic body to the critical eyes of the peanut gallery. I say no.

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