Chris Matthews: America is ‘swimming’ in racism

Chris Matthews: America is ‘swimming’ in racism

CHRIS MATTHEWS: This is always tricky business because we grew up in a country that had slavery for 350 years, we had Jim Crow for 100. We have racial segregation in housing, which is unbelievable, there’s an untold amount of it still in business that you can’t isolate, and then we sit around like purists and say, “oh I’ve detected some racism here.” It’s all around us! And we don’t even– we’re swimming in it, to some extent. And we don’t know how to define it or limit it or push away from it. We all agree we’ve got to push away from it.

John Boehner has refused to challenge the nut balls in his party who believe in birtherism, that’s not even racism. That’s racism plus stupidity. To think this guy’s white mother from Kansas headed over to Africa to have the kid over there and have a kid named Barack Hussein Obama elected president in 40 years. That’s insane kind of thinking, but Donald Trump played that card.

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