Great news: ‘Faith4Hillary’ Twitter followers look a whopping 18% valid

Great news: ‘Faith4Hillary’ Twitter followers look a whopping 18% valid

A verified @Faith4Hillary Twitter account purporting to be the “Faith and Value Voters for Hillary Clinton 2016” appears to have purchased a large percentage of its 42.6k followers.

The website Twitter Audit determined that more than half of the account’s followers were obtained by “inorganic, fraudulent, or dishonest means,” and the similar website StatusPeople calculated that only 18 percent of the account’s followers were “good.”

Per StatusPeople, the rest of the followers were either fake accounts or accounts that are inactive.

Additionally, the account has a comparatively small amount of interaction via retweets and favorites compared to the amount of followers listed, which is indicative that the account is not being followed by real people. …

[A]s @FaithVoters4Hillary isn’t Hillary Clinton’s personal account and considering Clinton hasn’t officially announced she will even be running in 2016, it’s a bit weird that steps are being taken to portray her as a candidate with a sizable “faith and values” fan base.

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