Man chronicles his heart-breaking love story … in Yelp reviews

Man chronicles his heart-breaking love story … in Yelp reviews

[Ed. – For his next trick, he will “measure out his life in coffee spoons.”]

Chase Compton met “the love of his life” at Von, a low-key cocktail bar and dance club on Bleecker Street in New York’s Bowery. A year later, long after they’d broken up, Compton returned to tell the story of that night — on Von’s Yelp page, of all places.

Compton, a 31-year-old restaurant manager in the West Village, is no Yelp devotee. (“It’s ironic,” he acknowledged. “The Yelpers aren’t my people.”) But after an intense, tumultuous nine-month relationship that left him depressed and directionless — and that played out, largely, in local restaurants and bars — Compton decided to tell his story through a series of short, non-chronological essays on Yelp.

It’s a novel and somewhat subversive use of the popular review site, which thrives on cut-and-dry, crowdsourced ratings of things like food and ambiance.  Since he started in December, Compton has written 20 such “reviews,” chronicling a relationship that began last March and had just about disintegrated by the New Year. (He still gives every establishment five stars.)

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