A question about amnesty that no one is asking

A question about amnesty that no one is asking

How old were you when you first realized the difference between right and wrong? Maybe 8 years old? Maybe younger? In this country, there are judges trying children as adults for the crime of murder, because the law has determined that children that young can determine right from wrong, and as such, are responsible for their actions. An 11-year-old was charged with murder in Pennsylvania in 2011, and a Florida boy of 12 also charged with murder the same year.

Now, I’m not equating illegal aliens with murderers. My point rather is that children — very young children at that — have been held to understand that certain things are wrong. We are all taught early that stealing is wrong, is a crime, so let me ask you: Is not living in a country illegally and enjoying all the fruits of citizenship the ultimate in stealing? At what age do you think the children of illegal alien parents recognize what their family is doing is wrong? And is there a disconnect that leads them to the wrong-headed assumption that it just doesn’t matter?

A recent executive order grants citizenship work privileges to illegal aliens. The excuse the Democrats give in support of the president’s unilateral handiwork is that these children came here through no fault of their own. I agree and sympathize what that point of view. As children they could not possibly have made the decision to come here, illegally or otherwise.

Where I fault the tykes is for staying here illegally as adults. The president’s amnesty order allows adults up to age 31 to be treated the same as children younger than 8, who are not responsible for knowing right from wrong, who now are not responsible for obeying the law like the rest of us. Once these children reached the age of 18, they became adults. Once they became adults they were completely responsible for their decision to remain on American soil in defiance of U.S. law.

Greg Penglis

Greg Penglis

Greg Penglis is a flight instructor and author of the sarcastic and blunt "The Complete Guide to Flight Instruction." He has written for American Thinker and is host of "Penglis Online News," on YouTube.

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