Jogger ticketed for running ‘too early’ in NYC’s Central Park

Jogger ticketed for running ‘too early’ in NYC’s Central Park

[Ed. – Central Park has hours of operation?]

[E]xercising can get you in trouble with the law. That’s what happened to Peter Shankman this week when he was given a summons for running in Central Park too early in the morning. “Most people who’ve gotten in touch think it’s a bogus charge, and have mentioned end of the month quotas as a reason I didn’t just get a warning,” he told us today.

Shankman, who is an “author, entrepreneur, speaker, and worldwide connector,” was stopped by cops around 4:30 a.m. on Thursday morning while running near 85th Street on the East Side of the park. Here’s his account of what happened, via Facebook:

At 4:30 this morning in Central Park, at mile 2 of my ten mile run, I was stopped by the police and given a summons for exercising in the park “before it opened.” Apparently, Central Park doesn’t “open” until 6am, and my exercising (running) in the park before 6am is illegal. Note – Running in the park. Not “performing sex acts for crack,” or “laying down explosive charges,” but “running.” Because apparently, a 215 pound man running through Central Park at just over a 9:10 pace is a threat to Manhattan.

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