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Gay hairdresser refuses service to NM governor for opposing gay marriage

Daily News

[Ed. – The haircut wars!]

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez needs a new hairdresser — or a new stance on gay marriage.

Martinez was recently dropped by her hair stylist, Antonio Darden, who is gay.

Darden told a local news station that he cut the governor’s hair three times, but won’t do it again as long as she continues to oppose gay marriage.

“The governor’s aides called not too long ago, wanting another appointment to come in,” he told KOB-TV. “Because of her stances and her views on this, I told her aides no. They called the next day, asking if I’d changed my mind about taking the governor in and I said no.”

Martinez has said she believes marriage should be between a man and woman.

Darden, a popular stylist in Santa Fe and the owner of Antonio’s Hair Studio, has been with his partner for 15 years.

“It’s just equality, dignity for everyone,” he said. “Everybody should be allowed the right to be together.”

[h/t BarbWire]

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  • J.e. Dyer

    That poor hairdresser. He did the only thing possible when faced with a vicious bigot.

    • Jamie Waterman

      WHO is the bigot? I’d say the hairdresser is! you lefties are HYPOCRITES!!!
      SB1063 is NOT okay, but this is?

    • Christopher Lindahl

      Please let me be clear. I completely believe the hairdresser has every right to refuse service to the Governor. That’s why we have freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of religion. People should have the right to stand up for what they believe. If he want’s to make a stand for gay rights and make his voice known, that’s his right as an american. If the Governor doesn’t like it, she can get her haircut somewhere else. However, what if it were a Christian photographer refusing to photograph a gay wedding? Do we truly believe in freedom of speech? Or do we play favorites?

      • Mr Critical Minded

        Game, set, match.

      • Remembering 9-11

        But it’s discrimination if a Christian owner refuses service to someone who is gay, based on their beliefs the homosexual rights groups would be all over that screaming discrimination. Religious orientation is right up there with sexual orientation. They can’t have their cake and eat it too…although they sure are trying!!!

      • Paul D. Licht

        Yes I believe the baker should be forced to bake the cake for the gay couple,, AND I believe this hairdresser should be forced to do his job as well. Just because you are a business owner,,, you don’t have the right to trample your customers rights in favor of your own,, in both cases.

      • Broilerroom

        That’s what I’m saying! Know one has the right to control someone elses personal property. You don’t have a right to tell me what to do with my stuff, business or personal stuff. You have a right to go to adifferent barbershop or a different bakery, that’s freedom, a slave has to serve who ever his master tells him to serve, a free man gets to chose.

      • mfernandez57MN

        Ahhh, but, unless yours is the only, and I mean “ONLY” business of its kind, you do not “trample your customers rights” by refusing them service for whatever reason you deem fit, they can go somewhere else to have the service performed, ergo, no harm, no foul. On the opposite side, forcing a business person to provide a service against his/her will is a trampling of their rights.
        I would allow only one exception, if the business is the only one of its kind within say 200 miles, forcing a customer to undergo an undue hardship to receive the service or product.

      • Christi Cox Pitchford

        Everywhere I go, there are signs that say “We have the right to refuse service”. Pretty sure when you own a private business, that’s not funded by federal tax dollars, you’re allowed to serve whomever you like.

      • tonyfleming

        Religion is a choice.

      • thisguysnuts

        why shouldn’t they be charged with sexual discrimination just like anybody else?

      • sciteach123

        How about the bakery that was forced to close? Where are their rights?

  • me

    Ah, the hypocrisy of the left.

    • Howzah123

      Smells like farts under the covers

  • me

    Imagine if a Christian hairdresser refused to cut a gay man’s hair…..

    • Jimmy Russels

      You are assuming the man is not Christian.

      • SuperDave2

        If he’s gay, He’s not Christian.

    • howler1968

      Imagine if a STRAIGHT hairdresser refused to cut the hair of a gay patron.
      Fixed it for ya……let the others argue that point.
      Oh yeah,the gays did…….straight cake maker refuses to bake a wedding cake for gay couple.
      Since the playing field is not level……i would bake the worst cake ever and give the worst cut ever.

  • teejk

    If I might opine…(I will anyway)…seems to me that there are a few situations where it might be a good thing to not to force any business to accept all customers. A barber/hair stylist would seem to fit. A dentist with a drill might be another example. And last but not least (from the male perspective but I’m sure women can append this from their perspective), the doctor performing the routine prostate exam.

    • J.e. Dyer

      You Jim Crow racist. ALL businesses must accept ALL customers. Period. No exceptions. George Will said so on Sunday morning.

      • teejk

        ok…you stick with George Will. The examples I gave were based on situations where the “customer” is not really “in a position of power” and when you hear the “oops” it’s too late! Hair will grow back. The dentist drill coming out of the bottom of your jaw…and let’s not even talk about the doctor’s office. So I think I personally would like to avoid all that.

      • J.e. Dyer

        Racist. Jim Crow racist. I can hardly think of words mean enough to describe your racism adequately.

      • teejk

        Let me help you! The badges I have so far (although I haven’t updated the inventory lately)…racist, bigot, mouth breather, flabby middle aged white
        guy, bitter clinger, homophobic misogynistic obstructionist.
        Btw…Renee tagged me with that last one and I still don’t know what it means so if you talk to her (I think she issued a restraining order against me and I am not allowed to contact her) can you relay the answer? Thanks in advance..
        But I hope you see my point…we can all pretend to “get along” but human nature is what it is and while we all await the unicorn world (coming any day now…some guys named Cain and Abel predicted it), I think I’ll continue to err on the side of caution in situations where I am not at least on equal footing.

      • J.e. Dyer

        OK, but you’re still a racist. (And yes, I have gotten your point all along. Just having a little fun. You racist.)
        And you are indeed a homophobic misogynistic obstructionist, and much worse. Jim Crow, dammit.

      • teejk

        I was only trying to fend off all the lavish praise you are trying to bestow on me. But if you insist, I guess I’ll quit fighting and simply accept that you are right this time. If I were an Oscar winner I would have a long speech thanking you for honoring me with all those trophies, particularly the Jim Crow one which will be unique (the others would be available on E-bay since one each is enough and I’m running out of display room).

      • Howard Portnoy

        I’m sorry, teejk. Halfway through your comment, the background music started up, then swelled as you continued writing. We, thus, missed the last half of you remarks.

      • teejk

        I had to append because I got a call and hit the post button prematurely. Or are you simply complaining that I didn’t order pizza? I didn’t watch the awards (years ago I found that the PC selection process will always choose very boring movies that I can’t tolerate) but I read something about pizza.

      • wreed22

        Is that very early Pink Floyd I am hearing?

      • wreed22

        I knew Jim. He was difficult to communicate with, but he could really tell a joke.
        By the way, my wife went to see her obstructionist last week for a check up.

      • Lance Miller

        Right now i’m thinking of that dos xx beer guy for you…I’m not usually accused of being a racist..but when I do it’s usually because I won an argument with an Obama fan.

      • wreed22

        Cain and Abel are two of the Mathis Brothers, right?

      • Broilerroom

        If I own a shoe shine stand and a kkk member sits in my chair and says, shine my shoes and i say, go some place else. I should be sued and lose my business, this is just plain stupid, no one should force anyone to do stuff they don’t want to with there own property.

      • wreed22

        I have all the respect in the world for Mr. Will, but you would think he could get a better hair piece fitting.

      • Kylie Michelle Fraser

        “ALL businesses must accept ALL customers. Period. No exceptions. ”

        actually, they don’t. if association with a certain person may have a detrimental impact on my business (his clientale is most likely largely LGBT) and that makes other customers uncomfortable, a business owner CAN refuse service.

        what they CANNOT do is to base the refusal of service on a protected status such as sexuality. see, one is denial of service to a whole segment of a population, one is denial of service to an individual

  • Jamie Waterman

    SUE this hypocrite! So Ariznoa’s SB1062 is NOT okay, but THIS discrimination is?! You lefties are HYPOCRITES!

    • Kylie Michelle Fraser

      how is this discrimination? is a whole segment of society being denied service or is it one person whose association with the business is having a negative impact?

      see, the law DOES allow you to refuse business to the public on an INDIVIDUAL basis. what it does NOT allow is to deny business to an entire portion of the public. this woman was denied service because of her individual views, not for who she was born as.

      • Jamie Waterman

        So the bakers who refused service to a gay couple by refusing to bake their wedding cake got sued and put out of business-you agree with that? Based on your statement, you do not. So where were you when that happened?

      • Kylie Michelle Fraser

        the baker violated the law. he denied service to a protected class of citizens (homosexuals) and he stated he would not do cakes for ANY gay couples. he broke the law, he pays the price.

        this hairdresser refused service to a single individual on the basis of her OPINION. no business has to associate with a person (ESPECIALLY a public personality) that reflects poorly on the business to that business clients. the clients of this hairdresser are primarily LGBT, and her being served would cause a loss of customers.

        she was not denied service because she is straight. she was denied service because the person running that business did not wish to be associated with her. this is perfectly LEGAL

      • Jamie Waterman

        Twist it however you want. One person chooses not to support gay marriage is the same as someone else choosing not to provide services to gay people because of their lifestyle choice. It was the OPINION of the bakers to not sell cakes for gay weddings.
        Twisting the words doesn’t change the feeling and thought behind them.

      • Christi Cox Pitchford

        So are straight people not protected? Seems a little unfair.

      • Kylie Michelle Fraser

        they are. if I ran a business and said “I refuse to serve straight customers” I would be liable under my states laws (which is where this baker works)as their definition includes heterosexuality. (C.R.S. 24-34-301)

        but that is not what happened with the hairdresser. he refused service to an individual because he disagrees with her and may make other clients uncomfortable (based on her anti-gay stance) her beliefs may also have been personally offensive to the person providing service. he didn’t end the business relationship because she is straight, but because he personally did not like the person.

  • CrushAllDems

    Why can’t she sue just like those panty waists sued the baker for not making a cake for their homo wedding and the photographer for not wanting to take pics at another homo wedding?

    I know, I know. It only works that way FOR liberals and not for conservatives…

  • Xavier

    I’m reminded of the time the new girl cutting my hair asked if I was from the area and did I know a certain guy in the neighborhood? The person she mentioned was my sworn enemy and a real jerk, and I told her so in great detail. When I was done she said, “I’m engaged to him”.

    Then she gave me a new style haircut called the “Moe Howard”.

    Some people you just don’t want to let have sharp instruments close to your face and neck. Time for a new hairdresser, Ms. Martinez.

  • Pastor Greg Young

    So this is okay but Elena Photography must pay a fine. This is exactly what “tolerance” looks like from the left.

  • GoneApe

    I wouldn’t trust the little swishing prancer to have a blade near my neck anyway if he/she/it/? knew what I thought of them.

  • Joseph Dooley

    Sodomy is protected in the Constitution. Why, it’s right there in the margins of the First Amendment!

  • wreed22

    Why do hairdressers always have such bad dos? They always look like they are wearing an experiment that failed.

  • Jim Keating

    You have the right to be together all you want! But it’s NOT Marriage! Call it something different, Civil Union, Life Partners, Whatever!

    • Kylie Michelle Fraser

      what I do not understand is the logic in the stance that “they can be married essentially, but we’ll just call it something different” like seriously, if it’s the EXACT SAME THING why can’t they call it a marriage? oh, because YOUR religion claims to have complete ownership of that term, huh? guess what? you don’t?

      is a red rose anymore a rose than a yellow or white one? no. they are simply variation on a theme. marriage is the joining of two individuals (and in some cultures more) as a single household unit. it predates your silly “one man, one woman” definition of “traditional marriage” at NO time in history has that been the only way it was in every culture.

  • Kylie Michelle Fraser

    see, here’s the difference: New Mexico law protects against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity “in matters of employment, housing, credit, public accommodations and union membership.” public accommodations means goods and services offered to the public btw. refusing service to a gay couple violates this law. refusing service to a customer because here widely known views are repugnant and you do not want to associate your business with this person does not. see, one is refusing service to a whole group of people based upon some commonalities where the other is a business not serving a dick.


    How can he get away with this but the Christian bakers in Oregon and Colorado can’t??