De Blasio: My important message on income inequality derailed by ‘sideshows’

De Blasio: My important message on income inequality derailed by ‘sideshows’

[Ed. – In other words, ‘phony scandals’]

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s ambitious agenda to fight income inequality – a campaign he famously titled “The Tale of Two Cities” – has taken a backseat in recent weeks to a series of political stumbles that have become tabloid fodder and shaken his everyman image.

First, there was his late-night call to police on behalf of a political ally who was arrested but didn’t spend a night in jail. (“BAIL OF TWO CITIES: Blaz’s call to cops springs pal,” the Daily News blared.)

Then came widespread second-guessing – led by TV weatherman Al Roker – over inconsistent snowplowing of the tony Upper East Side in one heavy storm and the decision to keep schools open in another (“LET THEM EAT SNOW!: Rage as Bill keeps schools open,” the New York Post chided.)

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