Riot police in Ukraine sew up protester’s mouth with shoemaker’s thread

Riot police in Ukraine sew up protester’s mouth with shoemaker’s thread

As the unrest in Ukraine continues, reports of extreme torture have emerged in some parts of the country.

An anti-government protester has been admitted to hospital in Brovary, a city in Kiev Oblast in northern Ukraine, with his mouth sewn up with shoemaker’s thread, allegedly by riot police.

Two other protesters with torture signs have been admitted to the Central District Hospital in the eastern suburb of the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

Apart from stitching up the protester’s mouth, it is also alleged that his abdomen was inscribed with the word “Maidan”, the epicentre of anti-government protests in Kiev, using a knife.

Another victim was made to sit on fireworks by the police, suggests a Facebook post by journalist Anna Babinets, citing a hospital representative named Serhy Sandler.

The details remain sketchy and there are no independent means of verifying them.

Local police deny any knowledge of the alleged torture.

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