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Nouveau sheesh: Obamas preen for Hollande

True fact: The world's museums are lousy with Monet water lilies. (The Water Lily Pond, Japanese Bridge. 1899. Detail. Princeton U. Art Museum)

True fact: The world's museums are lousy with Monet water lilies. (The Water Lily Pond, Japanese Bridge. 1899. Detail. Princeton U. Art Museum)

Could the Obamas be any more “let ‘em eat cake”?

What are we trying to prove here, with the transformation of the South Lawn of the White House – in February – into a Claude Monet-inspired water-lily garden for the state dinner to honor French premier Francois Hollande?  Seriously, the guy’s not even bringing a Sig-O: someone to at least look glamorous in a Dior gown and some bangles or something.  All we get to see is his beagle-like mug suspended over a tux.  How much is this costing the American taxpayer?

Equally to the point, why is Monet being used as the inspiration for a costly, over-the-top outdoors-in-the-dead-of-winter shindig, when it would be more appropriate – and a lot cheaper – to go with an iconic image from American art?

Here at LU, we’ve assembled some lower-budget suggestions.  Come up with your own, if you like.  The possibilities are endless.

Edward Hopper, Nighthawks

Monet post Hopper

James Whistler, Portrait of the Artist’s Mother

Monet post Whistler

George Bellows, The Art of Boxing

Monet post Bellows

Andrew Wyeth, Christina’s World

Monet post Wyeth

Thomas Hart Benton, Arts of the West

Monet post Benton

Georgia O’Keeffe, Rams Head, White Hollyhock-Hills

Monet post OKeeffe

(OK, the O’Keeffe might be a little hard to bring off.)

Grant Wood, American Gothic

Monet post Wood

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  • Howard Portnoy
    • J.e. Dyer

      Heh. You got my vote, HP. We’ll declare Escher an honorary American and go for it.
      Monet, not so much.
      (I love Monet, BTW. Just playing with this.)

      • Howard Portnoy

        My bad. I forgot the artist had to be a local guy or gal. My replacement pick is not only by an American, but of a theme that should resonate with Obama. The artist is George Tooker:

      • J.e. Dyer

        Magnificent, HP! Has that spooky Communist-architecture look to it to boot.

  • wreed22

    I have to burden you with an American Gothic story. My son,5th grade/art exhibition at school. He repainted (quite well) this masterpiece substituting the head of the Devil on the farmer and a yellow chicken head on the wife. It greeted me just inside the front entrance of the school for the evening festivities.
    No one mentioned the painting and I did not reply.
    As far as dinner, we sharpen our debate techniques and no one takes any prisoners. Any violent slaughter representation is welcome.
    Howard’s pic is pretty cool though.

    • Howard Portnoy

      Wow, your son is learning fast, wreed22. It sounds as though at his tender age he is already lampooning liberal doctrine (all men at the devil, all women submissive characters)!