Philly woman gives birth on sled; alert dad, neighbors attend delivery

Philly woman gives birth on sled; alert dad, neighbors attend delivery

[Ed. – Like, DUDE.]

[Neighbor George] Leader called 9-1-1 as Fabian [Bonanni] delivered his daughter, scooping her into his arms as his wife braved the morning’s subzero temperatures.

Fabian said that’s when his adrenaline took over: He broke the umbilical cord with his hands, wrapped Bella in a blanket provided by Leader, and sprinted up the hill with his daughter.

“I felt like the old ladies in those commercials from the ’80s that lift cars,” he said. “When I got in, I just shut the door and cranked the temperature.”

Back at the bottom of the hill, Leader and Fabian’s parents, who had arrived at the neighborhood just before Shirley went into labor, pulled the new mother into Leader’s living room.

There she sat, still in the sled, to warm up and wait for the paramedics to arrive.

“I’ve seen more crazy animal-kingdom things in the African bush,” said Leader, who has done research in South Africa. “But nothing prepares you for something like this.”

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