Hitler fan with too much time on hands makes swastika coat for dog

Hitler fan with too much time on hands makes swastika coat for dog

[Ed. note: He could have saved himself time by taping a sheet of paper to his chest reading, ‘I am a jackass.’]

A shameless Hitler fantatic banned from Asda after he went shopping in full Nazi uniform has donned the offensive outfit again to take his dog for a walk in a coat emblazoned with swastikas.

Paul Dutton, 48, spent weeks creating the sheepskin outfit for dog Albert, decorating it with a black Swastika on the back, and an SS logo on the buckle.

The father-of-six even combed the Chinese Crested dog’s fur into a curtain style like Adolf Hitler’s as he walked the pet in Cambridge.

Unemployed Mr Dutton told The Sun that Albert was a ‘Woof-Waffe kind of dog, and that the pair could ‘march as Hitler’s men’ in their matching clothing.

After finishing the coat last month he tweeted: ‘Ive just made me dog his own SA coat so he don’t feel left out when he goes for a walk lol’.

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