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Knockout game attack posted on Facebook

knockout1Today, Giuseppe Macri of the Daily Caller reported on a video captured at Liveleak before it was scrubbed from Facebook. The video shows a teenager running through the snow in Rochester, New York and punching an unsuspecting man who falls to the ground, before hitting him again and running off.

The video was posted by “Tiaje Gray” and has since been removed. A commenter “Haze on Homage” seems to take credit for the cowardly act, saying in part, “He saw me the whole time getting ready to punch him its his fault he didn’t wanna fight.”

“Haze on Homage” also posted: 

“Everybody go on my wall To see the funniest drop ever.”

Before it was removed, LiveLeak obtained a screenshot of the exchange.

The “knockout game” is particularly egregious due to the lack of empathy on the part of the people engaging in the assault. It is incomprehensible for most citizens to ever consider hurting a stranger for nothing other than a laugh. For those who believe that bringing light to this trend is somehow harming black teens, it should be noted that this is not about black against white or white against black. It is about right against wrong.

Teens need to see that this behavior is unacceptable and criminal. Pretending that it does not exist only empowers those take part in it. It is better to expose it before more people are hurt or even killed.

Watch the video here:

And then, there are some who really, really want to convince others that the knockout game does not exist:


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  • Camotim

    I suppose that the story about some peckerwoods in Texas dragging James Byrd behind their pick-up truck was a prevarication to make black people
    hate white people.

  • teejk

    Several weeks ago I commented on this site that the “game” was “on-par” with fantasy football (formalized reporting/scoring systems etc.).

    I endured the ridicule I received over expressing that thought. I get to hum the “I hate to say I told you so but I told you so” song.