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Perps in latest ‘Knockout’ game are elementary school students; libs still insist attacks are mythical

Daniel WilsonYou have to admire liberals for their ability to see fantasy where there is reality and reality where there is fantasy. An elementary school student is suspended after shooting an imaginary arrow or heaving a make-believe hand grenade, and the left-leaning media are silent. A spate of real — and real ugly — violent attacks perpetrated by blacks on mostly white victims arises, and commentators on the left insist it’s all an “urban legend” — this despite video evidence often amassed by the assailants.

The latest example of this mythical pursuit, known as Knockout, occurred in Peoria on Friday. Daniel Wilson, the make-believe victim, was walking home when he was blindsided by two imaginary attackers. ABC affiliate WHOI notes:

Luckily for Wilson, a nearby youth program officer, an ELITE officer, Bill Cannon, was able to identify the attackers.

The victim says he’s shocked at who they were.

‘I never thought in a million years that grade school [elementary school] students would try to knock me out,’ said Wilson.

With elementary school-age children now attempting to coldcock adults, we’ve come full circle. Now pre-pubescent students who are unfairly singled out by zero tolerance policies for having an imagination can vent their frustration by attempting to knock out adult strangers.

Said Cannon of this incident:

Those young men will be dealt with. The gentlemen did call the Peoria Police so there will be those consequences. I’m for sending a strong message to all students and that’s what an incident like this does — sends a message.

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  • Nordicelt

    Well, I give Howard some credit for this article, in that he did identify blacks as the usual perps, & “mostly whites” as the usual victims. But he did NOT go all the way, in identifying all of the entities mentioned my him in his article, in that he references the “liberal” & the “left leaning” press,..
    Well of course, the press is, pretty much, liberal, & left leaning,.. But the press is also, pretty much, 100% Jewish owned & operated,.. But of course to point THAT fact out, is the ultimate TABOO, here in 21st century Amerika,..

    • ECM

      *face palm*

      • Nordicelt

        *face palm*,..??? I don’t get it,..It’s to “in group” for me,..

  • Shiloh

    Here YOU are again. Smh. This “knockout” game IS in fact fake. There is no such thing. It was invented by race baiters like yourself. The reason no major media outlet is picking it up is for that reason. Its imaginary. Its nothing but a RIGHT leaning CONSERVATION media blitz to create a mound out of a mole hill. Nothing more. Since you like to cover black on white crime, please oh please, pass on the numbers of these so called knockout attacks. How many are we talking about nation-wide? 10? 100? 1000? How many? The fact is, there is NO epidemic of young black teens roaming the streets sucker punching white people for kicks. The ones that have been shown were a handful of RANDOM attacks by jackasses, which include, an attack by an Asain person as well as a hispanic (but I guess you missed those, race huckster). IF this was such the epidemic you are trying to make it out to be, where are the youtube videos recorded by the groups conducting these atttacks? Every single one I have seen was from security camera videos, except for one that involved two girls. If this is such a inner city game, where are the videos of these attacks? And dont even try to lie and say the attackers wouldnt record it, when EVERYONE of EVERY race records the violence they do JUST so they can get hits on youtube…I will wait for your NON-response.

    • Nordicelt

      “One” such attack is “one” attack to many,..Two such attacks, is WAY to many,..& three or more such attacks, constitute an epidemic, that is “out of control”
      I have not kept track of the numbers, but I think that if I were to navigate away from this site, & research the numbers, I imagine that I could come up with numbers in the double digit range of just deaths and/or serious injuries alone..
      I am, also, guessing, that those who are trying to downplay these assaults, are the selfsame ones who marched for “Justice for Trayvon”, while all the while they “overlooked’ George Zimmerman’s 2 black eyes,..broken nose,..& evidence of having his head pounded against the pavement, by an “out of control” black “yoof”, such as those who think that they are
      proving something by their playing this “game”
      To my way of thinking, these attacks, which are almost exclusively by blacks on whites, only goes to prove the reasonableness of racially profiling young black males,who commit, according to FBI statistics, about 55% of ALL murders in the US every year.
      In conclusion, I notice that you reference “a” attack by an Asian, & “a” attack by an Hispanic,..so, That come to exactly “2″ attacks by non-blacks, which is a very LOW number, statistically speaking,.. So,.this is still, pretty much a “black on white ” thing,..
      And don’t get me started on the fact that some of the victims have been elderly,..even some have been elderly women,..
      So, you may call me a “race baiter” if you choose, But I think of myself as a “race realist”, & I can only say, that I think that the black race needs to clean up it’s ,collective, act, in such areas as,..high crime rates,.high prison population..80%.of children fatherless,.. highist rate of welfare motherhood,..highest levels of sexually transmitted disease, including AIDS,.high levels of alcohol & drug abuse,..highest school dropout rates,..high rates of prostitution among it’s women, which is WHY they call then ,..HOs.
      So, as I see it, this game represents just another example of a contribution of a negative nature, that black have made, & continue to make to society,..& if my above comments make me a “race baiter’, then so be it, but everything that I have said, is, factually, true,..hence I submit that my self descriptive them, of “Racial Realist” , more accurately describes my position re-racial matters, in 21st century Amerika, today.

      • Shiloh

        Double digits? Really? I would LOVE to see those facts. 3 or more constitute an epidemic? What does 2000 MURDERS constitute?

        All that you just said, doesnt make you a race baiter, it proves you are a dirty racist. Plain and simple. You know it and I appreciated you showing it. America spelled with a K…smh, you left off two additional “K”s

        How many attacks have there supposedly been Mr Stats? I am still waiting on that little nugget. But what difference do facts make to you? None. You named all of that BS and failed to see NONE of it was 100%. Not a single one. Blacks, or any other race isnt committing 100% of the crimes BUT get 100% of the blame and prison sentences…how does that make sense. Watch your head, facts hurt.

        Crime is crime plain and simple but that isnt good enough for racist scum like you and the trash that wrote yet ANOTHER one of these ignorant posts. Where is your outrage for WHITE guys going into WHITE schools, shooting the place up? How about the drunk WHITE kid that just ran over 4 people and got 10years probation? Isnt the anny for the Sandhook shooting about to come up where a WHITE man walked into a school and murdered 26 people, INCLUDING 20 kids under the age of 7?! Where is your outrage about that? I will gladly trade a HANDFUL of ignoarnt asses sucker punching ANYONE over 26 dead bodies anyday of the week, but that isnt the world I live in. You may but I dont.

        You and Howard are the worse racist scum on this planet. You dont give a crap about anything that affects society as a whole UNLESS it has racial overtones. You are scum. You talk about drugs and the black neighborhood….what is the percentage of blacks hooked on Meth? Less than 5%, yet there is a HUGE meth problem in the US…who is doing all that meth? Didnt Fox News just report on Heroin making a come back in upper middle class NJ neighborhoods? How about Oxycontin? If you are white I am SURE you can tell me a thing or two about that, huh?

        IF you want to talk about crimes vs HUMANITY or against another race, the race you represent ledger is DRIPPING with RED! Racial realist my ballsack! You Reagan babies kill me with this supposed outrage for a MEDIA INVENTED GAME when you show no remorse for ACTUAL murders, the race you represent commit against other races. Kids being shot while taking their trash to the curb, 8 yr olds being shot in the face at their own birthday parties, a man working on his car being dragged behind a truck, cops shooting little girls in the face and THEN lying about it, cops shooting people in the back while either handcuffed or spread eagle on the ground and THEN LYING about it, teens murdering people and then having sex on their dead bodies, a man raping, killing and eating people, men blowing up building murdering kids, men raping KIDS in foreign places, men raping KIDS in churches, women killing their kids and THEN lying about it claiming a black man stole her car and kids, waelthy men bringing in guns, drugs into the country, pushing them into the inner cities and not giving a crap UNTIL it has reached the suburbs, mobs torturing people for the slightest things, lynching them and then selling the pics of the lynchs as postcards….the list goes on and on. Sure this all sounds fake, movie like but its ALL too real. Do I give a crap about the race that has commited all of these things, NO, but I do care that it continues and you racist bastards want the WORLD to look the other way towards a game YOU GUYS (your “conservative” media) invented that has ONLY a “fistful” of victims…female dog, please!

        So as I see it, this article, your response is just another example of racists being racists, pushing division on the rest of AmeriCa, to try to continue to control people as a whole. Go back to sleep caveman.

    • Nordicelt

      Ok,..Just for the sake of conversation,..let us presume, for the sake of conversation that there has been only ONE such “knockout” punch thrown, Just one, & only one,..& since I am sure that I read of a particular case, where Black, threw a punch where the victim was White, & the White victim died, when his head hit the pavement, let us assume that that is the case that we will look at,..
      So we have a case, of a white man, being killed, by a black perp, for NO reason whatsoever,..
      So,..where is the ongoing media coverage, of this event,.? Why have the names of the perp, & the victims, both, not become household words,.? Why are there NO parades & demonstrations, demanding JUSTICE for this nameless White man,.. as compared to the Trayvon/Zimmerman case where a young black thug got “blown away”, while doing what young black thugs do best, which is to attack honest citizens,.?
      So , while Trayvon’s demise is recounted in thousands of articles, elevating this black thug to a status of martyred sainthood while leaving out important parts of the matter, such as George Zimmerman’s black eyes & broken nose, & head injuries, indicating that the shooting of Trayvon was, in fact, a LEGAL self defense shooting,..In spite of all of this attention to Trayvon’s death,..I note that the name(s) of whatever white victim(s) of this mindless violence are forever lost down some rabbit hole of perpetual, forgetfulness.
      So I am just guessing, here that you, Shilo, took the death & a black thug, Trayvon, who was shot while attempting to murder an honest citizen, a lot more seriously than you take the death of this honest White citizen that we are discussing, here that was killed, but another black thug,..
      And I call your attention to the way that the news media, downplays, both the race of the perps, & the victims,..in the Knock out case, & yet headline race in the other case.Except of course when the victims have been “Jewish” & in those cases, the Jewish angle is headlined,..
      But enough, I made have my point,..

      • Shiloh

        Like I have said already, you are racist scum. The one thing you and your ilk miss in the Trayvon Martin murder is that Zimmerman HIMSELF by his OWN admission INSTIGATED the WHOLE situation! Period. End of story. Zimmerman stays in his car, goes home to his fat wife, Trayvon goes home to his father and brother. End of Story. Honest citizen my ass. GZ’s rap sheet was longer than train smoke before he murdered TM. But once again, dont let facts get in the way of your bias.

        Also I see you try to pass of your OPINION as facts. NOTHING you said about TM/GZ case is based on facts, just your own opinion and GZ lying to police.

        You wouldnt know a thug if he sucker punched you in the face. You hear/read a story about a young black person and your mind hears thug. Its called racial bias. TM was a murdered teenager, not a thug. There was self defense that night but it wasnt GZ, it was TM fighting for his life. Followed, stalked, chased after by an armed person in the rain…you have two choices fight or flight…he tried flight already…

        No black eyes, no broken nose and a scratch on the back of a head that supposedly was pounded into the cement. No lumps on his head, no scratches on his head, no DNA under TM fingernails, no bruises on TM knuckles from this MMA style pounding that he supposedly gave GZ…how is any of that possible? Hummm….All you have are the ADMITTED lies of a man that has now pointed or threatened at least 2 additional people with a gun since he got away with murder. The same man that was denied entrance into the police force, who beat his wife multiple times and raped a relative….but Trayvon was the thug huh? Explain that again.

        Go back to sleep Norbit.

      • Nordicelt

        Hi Shiloh, you have it backwards,..G.Z. had every right to get out of his car, & while it may have been a “mistake”. there was no criminal intent, & his getting out of his car did not justify Trayvon’s assault on him. So by your twisted logic, any black thug has a right to assault anybody that “gets out” of their car.
        And I use the tern ASSAULT purposely, because, the pictures of G.Z.s injuries, taken at the time, by the police, showed a broken nose, 2 black eyes, & lacerations on the back of G.Z.’s head.
        The investigators on the scene, AND a jury, sitting in judgement, at trial, found, that G.Z.s injuries were such, that the shooting was , a justifiable shooting, in self defense .
        So a more correct version of the events of that evening, than your fantasy, would be,.. that,..”IF” Trayvon had just kept walking, instead of attacking George Zimmerman, then Trayvon would have arrived home, safely, & eaten his Skittles, & we would not have ever heard of him,..That is we would not have heard of him,.. never heard from him, that is, until he ended up shooting somebody with that handgun, that he had pictures of on his website,..( You did know about Trayvon’s GUN, didn’t you Shiloh ? I suspect that his father found it, & tossed it in a swamp somewhere.)
        So, Shiloh, Trayvon was NOT that innocent looking 14 year old that the media liked to flaunt, but rather he, at 17, was old enough to join the Marines,..He was 6’2″ tall & liked to fight & had been expelled from school TWICE for violent behavior,.he had been found with burglary tools & “un-explained (woman’s) jewelry . He flaunted picture of himself, on his website flashing “gang banger” hand signs
        So Shiloh, Trayvon was just another, criminally inclined black “youf” who was heading for trouble, so I say, “good riddance to Trayvon, because society is better off without him,..& his like.

      • Shiloh

        Dont pretend to know his intent. GZ said and I quote, “He is checking me out. He might have a weapon, he keeps reaching towards his waist.” Those are GZ’s words to the 911 operator BEFORE he got out his truck, before TM ran away. Now who gets out of the safety of their truck after that? NO ONE unless you know you are armed and wanting to cause harm to someone else….but we can only speculate on his intent.

        NO ONE has a right to stalk a person in the rain. No one has the right to chase a person down cause a confrontation while reaching at their waist and then claim self defense when they caused the whole thing. Zimmerman, did all of that by his own admission. He said he chased after TM, he said when confronted and asked what he wanted, he reached for his “phone” that is usually on his hip and TM punched him then. Plain and simple TM had every right to fear for his life and every right to fight for his life which he did. Zimmerman got away with murder. Your misguide bias view of what happened doesnt change what Zimmerman HIMSELF said. You can ignore those facts all you want.

        I cant seem to find these broken nose, black eye pics. I see a single pic of a little blood coming from his nose and two small cuts on the back of his head. Sounds like another case of BS. Seems a bit weird his face wasnt mangled going by his “description” of events. Hell anyone with kids that have ever bumped their head, KNOWS when they do a lump appears. ZERO lumps on GZ head after being BASHED into the cement. GZ is a proven liar yet you keep trying to pass his lies as proof. GZ got away with murder becuz of lack of common sense people like yourself and a prosecutor attempting to appease both sides instead of doing her job. But hey dont let facts get in your way.

        Now TM had a gun on that night? What are you smoking chief?! So IF Trayvon would have kept walking AFTER he had run away from this weird guy running after him, wouldnt he had led this stranger straight to his door, ESPECIALLY since the ARMED stranger was following him? Would you be that stupid to do that and put your family in danger? I would hope not.

        Trayvon was a criminally inclined black youth with how many arrests? ZERO!

        How many times was George Zimmerman arrested? Domestic violence, fighting with cops, drunk and disorderly, child molestation, orders of protection, and an admitted racist…yeah model citizen….ALL before he murdered TM….and after getting away with murder? Same ole same ole.

        You are a very much blind to facts son. Carry on with your bias.

      • Nordicelt

        Hi Shiloh,..You toss around “buzzwords” pretty freely here,.. So, what exactly does “stalking” mean,.when you allege that GZ was “stalking’ trayvon,.?
        .My point being, that the incident took place within the confines of a gated community, & GZ was a resident therein, & GZ, therefore, had a legal right to be ANYPLACE within the communal area of that residential area. So,.. if Trayvon was walking on a walkway, in a straight line towards where ever he was going, even “IF” GZ was walking behind him, on that same walk way, that does not constitute “stalking”, because GZ had as much right to be there as Trayvon,..& does not entitle Trayvon to attack him.
        The bottom line being, that GZ sustained serious injuries, at the hands of Trayvon, as is proven by photos, BEFORE GZ shot Trayvon.
        “IF” GZ had really intended harm to Trayvon, then GZ would have had his gun in hand, & not allowed Trayvon to get close enough to assault him,..
        The truth of the matter is, that GZ was taken completely by surprise by Trayvon’s unprovoked attack,..
        Which only supports the premise that honest citizens always need to be on hyper alert status, at all times, whenever a black male is anywhere near by,..
        So , all in all Shiloh, your little, “race hate” & “white guilt” driven, narration bares absolutely no relationship to the photographic evidence, or the findings of the police investigation, or the jury findings at trial.
        I also call your attention to the fact, that the state prosecutor , DID NOT, put this matter before a grand jury, as would normally be done, in a case like this, because she knew that “IF” she did, then this case never would have gone to trial, because the evidence for a justifiable, self defense shooting was just overwhelming,.& she was just out to gain some publicity at Mr Zimmerman’s expense.

        Bottom line being, that the hype surrounding this case was “race” driven, & “IF” the races had been reversed, then we never would have heard of Trayvon, or George Zimmerman,…

        There was a case, in Arizona, at the height of the Zimmerman trial, where a black watchman shot & killed a white teenager,..That matter was quickly hushed up, because it did not fit the official “White villain / Black victim story line,..

        The news coverage of this matter was just another case of a “news” story being slanted to promote the agenda of that little “cult” that owns & operates the news, in America, today,..

      • Shiloh

        Your whole argument can be refuted simply by saying, TM RAN away, GZ RAN after him, there was no walk.

      • Shiloh

        Oh and 17 IS NOT old enough to join the Marines WITHOUT parents permission…IF you had served you would know that. But…

  • Steven Ein

    Popcorn! This is like Hitler vs. Stalin, Shia vs. Sunni, Sponge Bob vs. water.

    The only way this could be made better would be to physically put them together… with knives. The world would be a better place.

    Hey, guys. I can’t decide which of your ideolgical daddies is responsible for more deaths? I WILL bet, however, that the 2 of you will put your numbskulls together and blame the Jews.

    Steven Ein

    • shiloh

      “I WILL bet, however, that the 2 of you will put your numbskulls together and blame the Jews.”

      Lol, nice.

      Sorry Steven E, maybe in my ranting and raving I didnt make my underlining point clearly. I dont care what race commits what crimes, to me, CRIME is CRIME. It needs to be cleaned up, peiod. I dont see that happening when anyone wants to put a single color on crime that is committed by ALL races. It is madding to me to continue to be forced fed that fantasy.

      • Gal Spunes

        Your opinion is of no relevance, Shiloh. Your incoherent denialism accomplishes nothing.

        What is of relevance, is the documented series of recent incidents – going back a year or two to the emergence of black ‘flash mob’ violence. The ‘knockout game’ (or whatever other label it is colloquially given) seems to be a continuation of this ‘cultural’ meme.

        Your feigned desire for color-blindness in all considerations is a childishly transparent attempt to avoid observation of statistically relevant facts – namely, that this is a ‘black thang’.

        Please, provide evidence that demonstrates an equal participation rate by other demographics. Exhibit the same due diligence that Mr Flaherty has.

      • Nordicelt

        The way that I see it, “IF” any one segment of the population is overly represented, in any area of public interest,..such as,..crime,. educational under achievement,..drug and/or alcohol abuse,.. school dropout rates,..sexually transmitted disease,… or single motherhood/deadbeat fatherhood leading to welfare dependency,.. ,..then such over representation, in any of these, negative areas, by any one group, is fair game for public discussion. And since there is a
        particular race, that is vastly over represented in of ALL of these negative areas, I think that it is fair to acknowledge that, for “some” reason, or other, this “particular” race seems to have a lot of trouble, in a lot of areas,..& I reject the notion that it is “RACIST” to ask ,exactly,why this, across the board failure, of this particular race seems to be the case ,.”
        And furthermore, I don’t buy the notion that the failures of this race can be blamed on that , never ending , catchall excuse of slavery,..I mean, after all, slavery has been over for a century & a half, & for the past half century, since well before most people that are alive today were born, there have been an endless list of governmental programs & laws, in effect, that were supposed to bring this particular race up to speed,.but, all to no avail.
        I mean, is it, somehow, due to slavery, that today, in this particular race in question, that the collective “sexual” norms are such that the women of this race are producing children, who are fathered 75% of the time, by men,with whom the mother has NO, on going relationship,.? (Hmmm, maybe that’ why they call them Ho(s) And when you combine the irresponsible breedind situation, with the high rate of sexually transmitted diseases in that community, then it becomes obvious that the members of this race need to “modify” to some degree, their sexual “norms”.
        I was in my 20s when the schools were de-segregated,..It was argued at that time, that,”separate but equal” schooling was NOT satisfactory, & that all races need to attend integrated schools. Others argued against that notion, & said that to integrate the schools would serve only to lower the quality of education to the “lowest common denominator”,..& indeed this is what has happened, in that the race that we are discussing here, by in large, cannot, and/or will not conduct themselves in a civil manner, while in school, & then, they drop out early, & hang out on the streets, while wearing their pants down below their butts, & complain that “the man” is keeping them down,..while they play the “knockout’ game.
        I could go on & on , but what would the point be,.? After all, all the readers of this comment know ,exactly, of which race I speak,..& some other readers will be in agreement with me, while others will call me names, & try to get me banned. But, that is OK, in that I have been banned before, & if I ever modify my views to where I don’t make certain folks angry, then why would I want to waste my time by just falling into line, & parrot the officially politically correct, liberally approved views?
        I am an old guy, & I just don’t have the time nor the inclination for that,..

    • Nordicelt

      Hi Steve,..FBI stats show that The black race, which is about 12% of the population, commits about 55% of all murders, Also blacks commit about 90% of all taxi driver robberies,..& when a black commits rape,..they choose White women about 55% of the time,..Blacks either rape or sexually assault white women about 350,000 times a year,..which is almost 100 assaults a day,..(F.B.I. stats.
      And just in case you are wondering,..Whites rapse of Black women are numbered, somewher between zero, & none,..Per year,..

      • Steven Ein

        Nordicelt….I absolutely agree with you. Appalling! In fact, I cited those statistics at a family dinner a few years ago and was branded a racist by my brother-in-law. We have not spoken since.

        Personally, I’m able to differentiate problems that are racial from problems that are sociological. You would’t blame nazi criminality on white genes, would you?

        Steveen Ein

      • Gal Spunes

        No, Nordy. It is worse than that.

        12% of our population is not responsible for 55% of the criminal homicides. To make that claim is to tar millions of innocent people.

        Let’s use some coarse numbers and assumptions to break down the stats:

        Population = 300 million
        Blacks (12%) = 36 million
        Av annual criminal homicides = 10 thousand
        Black criminal homicide = 55% = 5500/year
        Assumption : 20% double homicides by same perp = 4400 perps = 0.012%

        Therefore : 55% of our criminal homicide is being committed by 0.0014% (0.012% of 12%) of the population.

        If all the energy wasted on hyperventilating bullsh!t about ‘gun control’ was instead directed at investigating & hammering this extremely narrow target in the black community, we could halve our murder rate…why don’t we do this? Oh yeah….’racism’

        And the beat goes on….

      • Steven Ein

        Gal…Exactly. Nice job!

        Steven Ein

      • Nordicelt

        Oh come on Gal, get real,..There was a weekend, during the media hype over Trayvon, where there were over 70 “shootings” in Chicago alone. And shootings in Chi Town are pretty much a black kind of thing, both as to “shooTERS & shooTEES”
        And so,.. what are blacks upset about, while black thugs shoot up their neighborhoods,..?
        Blacks are collectively outraged because a non-black, shoots a black youf thug, in self defense, & with a lot of hatred left over for the cops who have the thankless task of trying to maintain some level of order in the “Tribal Areas”…