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Memo to Melissa Harris-Perry: ‘Obamacare’ was not coined by ‘wealthy white men’

Who-invented-Obamacare-term-screen-cap-620x364MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry made a complete fool out of herself during a recent angry rant about the word “Obamacare.”

As previously reported at Liberty Unyielding, Harris-Perry said in part that the word “Obamacare” was “conceived of by wealthy white men who needed to put themselves above and apart from a black man, to render him inferior and unequal, and to diminish his accomplishments.”

Was the term “Reaganomics” racist?

What a silly argument, and one that bizarrely persists among the radical left.

In October of 2011, Elspeth Reeve of Wired reported that lobbyist Jeanne Schulte Scott coined the word in 2007 in an article for the  trade journal Healthcare Financial Management. She wrote in part,

“The many would-be candidates for president in 2008 are falling over themselves offering their own proposals. We will soon see a “Giuliani-care” and “Obama-care” to go along with “McCain-care,” “Edwards-care,” and a totally revamped and remodeled “Hillary-care” from the 1990s.”

Elspeth Reeve is not a wealthy white man.

William A. Jacobson of Legal Insurrection delved deeper, citing a piece from the Atlantic that read in part,

Headline writers squeezed for space gave the term momentum since “Obamacare” is so much shorter than “Obama’s health care overhaul” or “Obama’s health care bill.”

Jacobson writes,

“The evidence simply isn’t there that ‘Obamacare’ as a term had a racially pejorative genesis.”

Harris-Perry, like so many of her ilk, seem to like to hear themselves calling other people racist.

Where is Harris-Perry’s outrage when President Obama refers to the Tea Party as “teabaggers,” as reported at Breitbart?

Where is the outrage when elected officials, such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and others as previously reported at Liberty Unyielding, refer to private citizens as “extremists,” “radicals,” “terrorists,” “legislative arsonists,” and even committing “Jihad against American citizens, for example?”

There is no doubt that Melissa Harris-Perry knows full well that the term “Obamacare” was not “conceived of by wealthy white men who needed to put themselves above and apart from a black man, to render him inferior and unequal, and to diminish his accomplishments.”

But she also knows that her viewers trust her, and will most likely not bother to check out her statements or challenge her false narrative.

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  • aez

    MSNBC hosts appear to believe, with all their hearts and minds, that their audience members cannot tell when they are being insulted and regarded as incompetent.

  • teejk

    ok…enough time has elapsed I think so I can respond (you watching Howard?).

    I saw an article somewhere that said “ObamaCare” got its legs from (wait for it) Hillary Clinton during the 2008 campaign. I was a little surprised because it is essentially the same plan as Hillary’s plan when she was pretending to play first lady while actually running the country (Bill was busy with cigars and interns and IMHO never had a clue about where he was or why).

  • Gal Spunes

    The PPACA being nicknamed “ObamaCare” was as predictable as a political scandal being nicknamed “ScandalGate”.

    Considering her prior verbal diarrhea alongside this most recent brain fart, I have to conclude that she really is a low-IQ polsci retard.

  • Steven Ein

    For me the lesson is this: There was a guy in my 6th grade class who begged us to stop calling him “Shakey.” He hated it. Shakey turned 65 last month and you KNOW how I addressed the card to him.

    It will always be Obamacare. Cut my tongue out, so that I cannot say Obamacare. Slice off my hands so that I cannot write Obamacare. Yet, I will write Obamacare in the sand with my remaining toes.

    Steven Ein

    • teejk

      :) You need a perch dinner Steven. Come prepared though. AlGore is a swear word around here this week (and it’s only December).

      I have a few projects underway in my shop (+/- 200 ft away from the house). I write ObamaCare in the snow. I think it can be seen from 30,000 ft.

      • Steven Ein

        Obamacare needs to go with Obama like peanut butter to Jelly, like Edison to light bulb, Like Pavlov to conditioning, like Clinton to Lewinsky….on and on I could go. Obamacare needs to be made to stick on him like stink on sh#t. Republicans should begin to refer to him as President Obamacare. Barak Hussein Obamacare. Never ever use the word Obama without attaching care. Make it stick so bad that a thousand years from now historians won’t know if his name was Obama or Care.

        I’ll go have some perch, now. Maybe the Roxy in Oshkosh.


      • teejk

        I’ve been thinking about the ObamaCare term for awhile. For a long time I thought the whole train-wreck was on purpose to get to the ultimate goal of single pay.

        What had me confused was that Obama would adopt the term as something to be proud of (you can insert your own analogy here but I’ll start with “Hitler had a great socialist plan until”).

        So where I am at now…Obama was duped by the people in what he thought was his own camp and never saw it coming. It would be consistent with my view of his intelligence. He was simply an expendable tool (like anything you would buy at Harbor Freight) that appealed to the idiots that elected him. If he had any pride he would call them out. I think it would turn the country on it’s axis if he embraced the Tea Party just out of spite.

      • Steven Ein

        Yeah, teejk, Mr. wiseguy Obamacare is now Promethius like, chained to a rock for etenity with an eagle named ACA gnawing out his liver every day with 24/7 live commentary by Megyn Kelly. (Speaking of which, I must go put on my prayer clothes and shave since she’s on in an hour.) Pass the popcorn. This is political porn at it’s best. I’m almost expecting a live news conference from Richard Nixon.

        Steven Ein

      • teejk

        Megyn Kelly?

        If I lived alone I would not have a TV. So who is Megyn Kelly?

  • Steven Ein

    Teejk…Because we have a RNC and Carl Rove, i.e. Republicans, Hillary Clinton will be the next president of America, unless an asteroid the size of Cleveland strikes the planet, or, Megyn throws her hat into the ring. (I’m not suggesting that you get a TV, BTW.)

    S’cuse me, but I’ve got to go. I think I hear the hogs eating grandma.

    Steven Ein