Bill Maher: Obama has gravitated to the center out of assassination

Bill Maher: Obama has gravitated to the center out of assassination

[Ed. note: When a liberal declaration is challenged by Chris Matthews, it’s pretty out there.]

During the online-only “Overtime” segment of his “Real Time” program on Friday, HBO’s Bill Maher asserted that President Barack Obama is governing as a moderate, and suggested he is reining in his liberal instincts out of fear that he will be assassinated.

Maher proposed to his guests that Obama has moderated to the center out of a fear of being “cut out of the picture” as John F. Kennedy was during his presidency. The claim got an incredulous response from MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews.

“It seems like the people like that, Kennedy — they just seem to always, at the end of the day, either somehow get cut out of the picture — violently, or otherwise,” Maher said. “And maybe that is why Barack Obama is a little more of the centrist than we want him to be.”

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