What happens in the event of government shutdown? Q & A

What happens in the event of government shutdown? Q & A

Here’s a guide to understanding how Congress got to this stage and how a shutdown would affect you.

Question: Will the entire government come to a standstill if a deal isn’t reached?

Answer: No. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other “entitlement” programs that are funded automatically will escape the worst effects. But government agencies that rely on yearly congressional appropriations will be hit a lot harder. That includes giant agencies such as the Pentagon and smaller ones such as the National Park Service….

Q: Will I still get my mail?

A: Yes. The U.S. Postal Service isn’t funded by taxpayers. Independently financed agencies like the Postal Service won’t be affected.

Q: How did Congress get in this situation?

A: In a word, partisanship. Differences between Democrats and Republicans are deepening over virtually every issue, and federal spending is the biggest one of all.

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