Obama declares himself one of Boeing’s top salesman

Obama declares himself one of Boeing’s top salesman

[Ed. note: It’s better than he pretends to be president.]

President Barack Obama declared himself to be one of Boeing’s top salesman, and asked the company’s CEO to award him a gold medal.

“I expect a gold watch from Boeing at the end of my presidency because I know I’m on the list of top salesmen at Boeing,” he told numerous business leaders at a meeting of his CEO-heavy Export Council.

Obama’s tone was joking, but he’s made the claim before.

In 2011, for example, he congratulated his appointees when Boeing announced that it has won a $21 billion deal to sell jetliners to a commercial airline in Indonesia.

“The U.S. administration and the [federa] Ex-Im Bank, in particular, were critical in facilitating this deal. … I want to thank all of the administration officials who were dogged in trying to get this completed,” he said, in a statement from the island of Bali that downplayed the role played by Boeing’s executives and workers.

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