Obama to try to win hearts and on Syria with media blitz

Obama to try to win hearts and on Syria with media blitz

[Ed. note: Yeah, that’s what the problem has been: Not enough Obama]

President Obama will sit for interviews with six — count ‘em, six — television networks on Monday in an attempt to advance his position in favor of an attack on Syria. The lucky networks are ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN and Fox News. The lucky interviewers will be Diane Sawyer, Scott Pelley, Brian Williams, Gwen Ifill, Wolf Blitzer, and Chris Wallace.

The following day, Obama will make a speech about Syria.

I’m glad that Obama is finally stepping up to the plate, but doubt that his last minute blitz will change many minds, either among the public or among its elected representatives. At most, his attempts at persuasion may cause some folks who agree with him to contact their elected representatives. Right now, congressional offices seem to be hearing almost exclusively from opponents of intervention. This phenomenon has probably had an influence.

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