Sydney Leathers shows off her $40k boob job

Sydney Leathers shows off her $40k boob job

It’s been a little over a month since Sydney Leathers was revealed as the sexting partner of New York City mayoral candidate and, unfortunately, she is still a thing.

She has been interviewed by Howard Stern, photographed in a bikini, done two pornos and had an HIV scare. Now, Leathers is posing in a bikini yet again to show what $40,000 worth of plastic surgery can do to an F-list, quasi-celebrity.

Leathers had a boob job, nose job, liposuction and laser teeth whitening, all for the grand total of $40,000.

“I did my surgeries because I’ve always wanted to,” she said. “I think having a better body could lead to other opportunities in the future. Thanks to Anthony Weiner I have the body I always wanted and I’m sure he will be a huge fan of it.”

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