Obama must insist on total victory over the GOP loons

Obama must insist on total victory over the GOP loons

[Ed. note: And he should definitely start by calling them “loons”]

Brian Beutler has a smart response to my recommended strategy for Obama in this fall’s debt-ceiling / government funding / sequester showdowns.

To review: I proposed that Obama make raising the debt ceiling a pre-condition to negotiating over the budget, so that John Boehner and the House GOP can’t use the debt ceiling as a way to shake down the White House for budget concessions. Boehner’s strategy is to mash these issues together for precisely that purpose; my advice to Obama is to keep them as distinct as possible. If this ends up being a fight over the budget without the debt ceiling involved, then Obama will win going away, because failure to reach agreement would bring a government shutdown, and everyone agrees that a shutdown would annihilate the GOP politically. (Even Boehner.)

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