Pepsi-flavored Cheetos hit the stores … in Japan

Pepsi-flavored Cheetos hit the stores … in Japan

For those dedicated eaters out there who feel that consuming a bag of Cheetos and drinking a Pepsi is just too much work, the snack food gods offer you a solution: Pepsi-flavored Cheetos.

The Impulsive Buy blog was the first to write up a review and the results are, well, mixed.

“In these snacks the cheese powder has been replaced with a cola powder that is disturbingly not brown,” the site explains. “The first sensation, which I did not expect, was a very acidic bite. It’s very citrusy, almost sour.”

Technically, the flavored Cheetos are currently on sale only in Japan. But a scan of eBay shows a few options for U.S. buyers who may want to pick up a bag of the unusual flavor hybrid.

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