Top military brass live high off hog in age of sequester

Top military brass live high off hog in age of sequester

When I worked in the defense industry a few decades ago (gulp), stories about $400 hammers and $800 toilet seats abounded in contracting. People thought we were all getting rich off of the military, but as I would patiently explain, the cost came from the fact that all of those stories left off a lot of context, such as the fact that those tools and parts had to be custom built to military specs, and in small quantities — which drove the unit costs out of sight. That was plainly inefficient and a good opportunity to reform some Pentagon practices, but no one was getting rich or building slush funds out of the process.

This one might be a little tougher to explain. CBS has received a Pentagon review of spending for top military leaders that shows a lavish amount of money being spent on their living quarters, but part of that — part, anyway — springs from their official duties.

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