Hilarious: Eliot Spitzer new e-book on how to live virtuously!

Hilarious: Eliot Spitzer new e-book on how to live virtuously!

Eliot Spitzer is dispensing advice on how to live a virtuous life.

No kidding!

The former governor — who resigned in disgrace five years ago after getting caught soliciting hookers — has penned a book, “Protecting Capitalism Case by Case,” to coincide with his comeback campaign for city comptroller.

While much of the $9.99 e-book focuses on his time probing Wall Street power brokers as state attorney general, there’s an entire section devoted to Spitzer’s top 10 “Rules of Life” — “a set of rules to aspire to live by.”

The rules come from a man who has been accused of hypocrisy for not practicing what he preaches and are sure to raise eyebrows.

The wisdom includes:

* Spitzer Rule No. 1: “Loyalty and fiduciary duty matter. Our failures — political and personal — over the past years have followed from a simple inability to be loyal to duties we know we have yet still fail to respect.”

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